Albion Online Guilds & Dark Horizon And More Details

By noticing this week’s guild spotlight, Dark Horizon is already unveiled. As a matter of fact, they call themselves the Czech/Slovakian guild in all of Albion. When Mychy and Wolfynko are appeared, it’s clearly fact that they had a great passion for their guild as well as the game. Relevant guild latest news, more guides as well as tips or tricks, you can visit official website: to get more.

Dark Horizon was founded by Mychy and Wolfynko, roughly two weeks after the Final Beta started. Before they decided to create their own guild, both were members of the Czech guild Czeco, which they joined in the first Beta Test of Albion Online.

Both of them became unsatisfied with their former guild lead. “The main issue with them was their inactivity. We had a lot of active and dedicated members in the guild but without the support and the leading of our guild master, the guild wasn’t able to progress in any way. It’s worth mentioning that cheap albion online gold for sale.

As a result of that discussion, we decided to leave the guild and to create our own, where the opinions of the members actually matter. In the end over 90% of our old guild followed our example and joined us under the banner of Dark Horizon,” Wolfynko explains.

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