Albion Online: Craft Using Focus Points And Guild VS Guild Battles

In Albion Online, in general, anything can be freely traded between players. What this means is that if you collect resources, you can either craft them into items yourself, in other word, you can merely sell them to the player-driven market, by buying cheap albion online gold to buy the item that you wanted.

However, speaking of crafting, once you have unlocked the ability to craft an item in many games, you have chance to create an unlimited amount of it provided that you have the materials. It pretty much kills competition in the market as well as makes pure crafting a extremely unrewarding activity to specialize in.

Generally speaking, if you craft using focus points, your production costs are lower, meaning you can essentially always turn a profit when then selling your crafted goods to the market, provided that your items are in high enough demand. Now, the more specialized you are in crafting a particular item, the less focus points you will consume when crafting, meaning that the number of items you can craft with reduced production cost increases. More cheap gold for sale especially for cheap albion online gold for sale.

We resolve this issue from multiple angles: the crafting unlock tree is very deep and fragmented, meaning that if you truly specialize into crafting a particular item, chances are that you only have a few true competitors. On top of that, each character gets a certain number of crafting focus points per day. You can always craft as many items as you want, however, if you decide to also use focus points, you get a kick-back on the materials used. Don’t miss the best official gaming website:

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